Analysis of the middle path

Article: Analysis of the middle path

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We would like to recall content of the Bhante Dhammadipa courses in Zaježová or Sněhov this year for those who have not been able to attend it.

We have been practicing breath meditation according to the Northern Tradition, thus meditation with a non-dualistic object. Madhjanta Vibhanga – An Intermediate Way Analysis attributed to Bodhisattva Maitreya, has become the theoretical starting point for the practice.

This text belongs to the group of those who has more practical aspect of meditation than the philosophical. Its goal is to make our efforts on the way efficient, not to waste time and strength – which is often the case. One of the main reasons why this is (and that applies to the Southern Tradition too) is the poor knowledge of the object of meditation.

Madhjanta Vibhanga has seven chapters. 1-3 speaks of a gocara – pasture for cows – about the object which is grazing by cow – yogi.

The 1st chapter discussed by Bhante this year in Zaježová deals with the properties of the object (it’s title is Lakshana) and answers the key question – what the properties have WHAT we actually want to know.

Chapter 2 was interpreted by Bhante in Sněhov. It’s title is Varana – Obstacles. Its purpose is to describe what prevents us from knowing the Reality as it is.

The following chapters await us in the future:

Chapter 3 – Tatva – Reality (non-dualistic fact) describes the object as it is,

Chapter 4 – Pratipaksha – Opposites which we need to know to get rid of the obstacles,

Chapter 5 – Avasta – Stages of path and obstacles associated with it,

Chapter 6 – Fruits of the path,

Chapter 7 – Mahayana – the highest vehicle.

As in the past, the recordings of Bhantes lectures (Bhante lectures in Czech language these two courses) are available at