Dear Supporters of the Dhammadipa Foundation

04.14. 2020
Dear Supporters of the Dhammadipa Foundation,

allow us to thank you most sincerely for your contributions and donations, even though we know that you do not expect our thanks, that the impetus for your activities is a selfless desire to contribute to the creation of favorable conditions of Being.

The program of Dhammadipa Foundation is to create a meditation center Shanta Vana (the forest of tranquility) whose visitors would learn to understand the transcendence of this world and the resulting laws, and thus the possibilities to help.

Thanks to the donors who accepted this goal of the Foundation for their own. Two houses (upper cottage and former forestry) and a plot for a meditation garden intended for the construction of a new meditation hall were obtained. Both houses have been renovated and equipped for accommodation. However, it is only possible to use rainwater in the former forestry – the drinking water well will be realized in the middle of the year. The cultivation of houses surroundings and gardens is in the final stage.

In addition to your donations, the Foundation also seeks support from state in the field of the environment. The project ‘Planting trees’ has already been completed – within the framework of the action ‘We plant 10 million trees’. Applications were also made under the Landscape Management Program and the Rainwater Program (rainwater accumulation for garden watering).

We will continue to raise funds not only from you but also from the state support.

Construction of the hall, borehole for drinking water incl. matching accessories, wood storage shed, sewage treatment plant, other Santa Vana equipment – all of this is yet to come.

Dear donors,

Thanks again for your generosity! We continue to rely on your support! We hope to meet you at Shanta Vana soon!