Recordings of Ven. Dhammadipa

If you have Venerable's recordings, transcripts or texts, and would like to publish it, let us know. We'll be happy to share it on the website.

Lectures in English

Shamata Course, IBA Kathmandu Nepal (2018)

Differentiating and Non-Differentiating Wisdom in the Buddha-dharma, RYI Nepal (2017)

Morning Meditation by Venerable Dhammadipa, Siddhartha Festival, Bodhgaya India (2017)

Chai and Conversations with Venerable Dhammadipa,Siddhartha Festival, Bodhgaya India (2017)

Short Meditation Course on the Brahmavihāras, RYI Nepal (2015)

Buddha Nature and the Yogācāra Analysis of Mind in The Awakening of Faith, RYI Nepal (2015)

One-Day Anapanasati Meditation Retreat at Mindful Living Alliance, USA (2012)

Dhammadipa at Jikoji, USA (2011)

Practice of 6 and 10 Paramitas in Samatha and Vipasyana meditation at Chuang Yen Monastery, USA (2010)

Dhamma talks related to the 4 elemants meditation retreat (1.11.2008 - 29.11.2008)

Abhidhamma Teachings at Pagode Phat Hue, Germany (10.9.2008 - 2.10.2008)


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Lectures in Chinese

Shamata Course, IBA, Kathmandu Nepal 2018 (interpreting into Chinese)

Lectures in Czech

You will find recordings of lectures in Czech language here:

Lectures in German

Einführung in die Samatha Meditation im Pagode Phat Hue, Germany (2008)