Recordings and texts

28/09/2019 15:12

We reworked section Recordings and texts. We added new recording of Shamata Course (Kathmandu, Nepal 2018) and new recording 安那般那念與四念住的修行 in Chinese.

You can listen/read all recordings/texts online now. All recordings and texts were uploaded to too.

Shanta Vana

28/08/2019 20:02

The first stage of the reconstruction of Shanta Vana - the upper cottage and the former forestry - was completed. Now, we have started the second stage - reconstruction of the lower cottage.

Please see the latest information and photos from Shanta Vana at

Event calendar

09/07/2019 16:29

Bhante's program has been updated. More here:

Shanta Vana new building - former forestry

16/01/2019 20:00

Dear supporters, friends and students of Venerable Dhammadipa, the Dhammadipa Foundation bought third building, the former forestry cottage. The cottage is in the hill above the Bhante's cottage. The house is in good condition. It will be necessary to adjust the interior space and equip it with furniture. It is also necessary to solve the lack of water. The cottage will be used to accommodate the meditators. Now, Shanta Vana has three buildings - the lower cottage (hermitage of Ven. Dhammadipa, , when he stays in Czechia), the upper cottage and the former forestry cottage. Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. The photos of the third cottage and the ongoing works in Shanta Vana will are here:

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