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Venerable Dhammadipa hopes and believes that Buddhism once again gives us a chance to understand it as a single whole where different views compliment each other. Ordinations in three traditions of Buddhism Zen, Theravada and Mahayana show the Venerable’s direction of many years of meditation practice and consistent study. His teaching is based on one observation: “There is only one Buddhism" and the individual schools are just those famous fingers pointing at the moon.
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Shanta Vana

28/08/2019 20:02
The first stage of the reconstruction of Shanta Vana - the upper cottage and the former forestry - was completed. Now,...

Event calendar

09/07/2019 16:29
Bhante's program has been updated. More here:

Shanta Vana new building - former forestry

16/01/2019 20:00
Dear supporters, friends and students of Venerable Dhammadipa, the Dhammadipa Foundation bought third building, the...

Event calendar

13/01/2019 22:50
Bhante's program has been updated. More here:
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