Here we will present texts related to Bhante's teachings. Bhante is not the author of these texts.


Book: Cascade Purification by Aññatara Bhikkhu

Cascade Purification Scientifc study on the Buddha‘s way of practice leading to nibbāna by Aññatara Bhikkhu Edited by Dr Khin Mawig Aye, Dip. Sc., Ph. D. (Massey) Sayalay Daw Yasavati (Malaysia) Download: GoogleDrive The study of the Buddhist practice leading to nibbana CASCADE PURIFICATION by...

Article: Sandhinirmocana Sutra - Sutra of Untying the Knots

Exquisite language talent allows Bhante Dhammadipa to translate from and to different languages. Now we have the opportunity to get his Czech translation of the classic text 'Sandhinirmocana Sutra' (解深密經) in English 'Sutra of Untying the Knots'. This sutra belongs to the middle age of Mahayana...

Article: Analysis of the middle path

We would like to recall content of the Bhante Dhammadipa courses in Zaježová or Sněhov this year for those who have not been able to attend it. We have been practicing breath meditation according to the Northern Tradition, thus meditation with a non-dualistic object. Madhjanta Vibhanga - An...


Prayers & Recitations in Pāli, Sanskrit, Chinese & English for the courses with Ven. Dhammadipa prepared by the International Buddhist Academy download: here