The recordings of the Venerable Dhammadipa's lectures directed at all Buddhist traditions spoken in English, Chinese and other languages are the core of this site.

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專訪 (Interview 2019)

Theme: 專訪 (Interview) Date: 2019 Place: Buddhistdoor, Hong Kong ( Audio: Download or Video: Youtube  

Shamata Course (Kathmandu Nepal 2018)

Theme: Shamata Course Date: 2018 Place: International Buddhist Accademy, Kathmandu Nepal ( Note: Bhante lectured in English and was interpreted to Chinese Audio: Download or  

依阿昆達磨論藏的角度探究日常生活的經驗 (2017)

Theme: 依阿昆達磨論藏的角度探究日常生活的經驗 Date: 3.3. - 3.5. 2017 Place: 三慧講堂 Audio: Download or   Video: Youtube  

安那般那念與四念住的修行 (2016)

Theme: 安那般那念與四念住的修行 Date: 5.6. 2016 Place: Video: Youtube Audio: Download or

Dhammadipa at Jikoji (USA 2012)

Theme: Dhammadipa at Jikoji Date: 12.15. - 12.20. 2012 Place: Jikoji Zen Center, USA ( Audio: Download or

性空尊者教导数息法 (Anapanasati, 2005)

Theme: 性空尊者教导数息法 Date: 02.19. 2005 Place: Audio: Download or Video: Youtube 1 , Youtube 2  

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