Bhante does not forget even his homeland. He founded the DHAMMADIPA Foundation where he so far collected funds he has received from donors and also from teachings at foreign universities. The aim of the foundation and among the other things is the construction and operation of the SHANTA VANA meditation center in Czech Republic for all Buddhist groups – in the spirit of his thesis that “There is only one Buddhism.”

Dhammadipa Foundation is an officially approved, non-profit organization. It is setup to administer the SHANTA VANA Project in Snehov, Czech Republic. The project aims at providing an open space where yogis and meditators could use for higher spiritual pursuit.

Foundation information

Name of foundation: Nadace DHAMMADIPA

ID foundation number: 05499712
Case number: N 305 filed at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem
Date of registration: October 21, 2016

Address: Nadace DHAMMADIPA
Bobov c.ev. 676
46822 Mala Skala
Czech Republic

Administrative Board:
Chairman of the Board: Bhante Dhammadipa (Tomas Gutmann)
Vice-Chairman of the Board: Mgr. Ladislav Král
Members of the Board: Roman Miesler, Mgr. Jan Kotas, Ing. Tomáš Sivok, Jiří Pavlík

The Foundation acts independently by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Foundation contact:,

Bank information

Bank name: Equa bank a.s.
Bank address: Equa bank a.s.
Karolinská 661/4
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

IBAN: CZ6461000000001035939418

IBAN: CZ2061000000001035939434

IBAN: CZ4561000000001035939469

Other codes if needed:
LEI:31570 01000 00000 26673
GIIN code (FATCA): EFJ4GA.99999.SL.203
Reuters code: EQBK
Data box: iayc2h2

Bank contact:
Phone:+420 222 010 111