Buddhist Education Center Shanta Vana - Educational project of the venerable Dhammadípa in Czech Republic

Ven. Dhammadipa has a vow to spread Buddha's message  in Europe. For that purpose he founded the Island of dharma, Dhammadipa foundation, with the aim to provide  space for study and practice of Buddhism and spirituality in general. The name of the newly established center is "The forest of tranquility", Shanta Vana.

Venerable has established a center with the same aim called Jetavana in Sakarwadi, located in Maharashtra state in India, see  Sakarwadi.


Shanta Vana

The base for the Shanta Vana meditation space are three cottages build in a typical local architecture style. All cottages are mainly wood constructions build more that 100 years ago, so they are in the process of undergoing a reconstruction. This year the object is under a general reconstruction.

Photo album of the ongoing works (in English, Chinese, Spanish)

See here: shantavana.blogspot.com


Presentation of Shanta Vana

The location

The forest of tranquility, Shanta Vana is located in a protected nature reservation area called "Czech paradise". The visitors to the centre come from all different parts of this earth.

Shanta Vana

The lower cottage is the hermitage of Ven. Dhammadipa, when he stays in Czechia. It contains a meditation room in which retreats for groups of maximum 15 participants are held annually. The upper cottage provides accommodation for practitioners and a dark room for individual retreats. And the Dhammadipa Foundation just bought a third building, former forestry cottage. The cottage will be used to accommodate the meditators.

Former forestry cottage

The cottage is in the hill above the Bhante's cottage. The house is in good condition. It will be necessary to bring a water source to the building & to renovate and furnish the interior space for future meditation guests.

Road to the centre

In the mountaineous area where the center is located, there is no asphalt road, so the transport of materials for the reconstruction and building is rather demanding, yet it has the advantage of tranquility, due to it's remote location. 

Wood shed and terrace

The reconstruction of the upper cottage started with building a shed for wood, because we use wood for heating. On the top of the wood shed, an artistic terrace was build.


The original verandah in the upper cottage is being reconstructed, to accommodate visiting teachers. It will provide a separate bath room and toilet. With the reconstruction of the verandah, the whole social outfit of the cottage is being improved and modernised.

Meditation court

Around an old walnut tree a high supporting wall was build to accommodate a meditation court yard with a soothing sound of a running stream from a well. It will be provided with a roofing in future.


Water supply is from a natural source on a nearby hill. In respect to water need for the visitors, the whole water supply system is also in the process of being improved and reconstructed.


For the purpose of long individual retreats in complete darkness, a dark room is being constructed under the verandah. I will have it's own bathroom and toilet.


Garden with terace

For the purpose of an outdoor qi kong, yoga and walking meditation place, the works have started in a location adjacent to the upper cottage next to the forest are going on.

Lower cottage

The reconstruction works to increase the accomodation capacity of the lower cottage with the improvement of it's social outfit is due to start next year.