Shanta Vana

Ven. Dhammadipa has a vow to spread Buddha's message  in Europe. For that purpose he founded the Island of dharma, DHAMMADIPA foundation, with the aim to provide space for study and practice of Buddhism and spirituality in general. The name of the newly established center is "The forest of tranquility", Shanta Vana.


The base for the Shanta Vana meditation space are three cottages build in a typical local architecture style. All cottages are mainly wood constructions build more that 100 years ago, so they are in the process of undergoing a reconstruction. The reconstruction is divided into two parts. Now the first part is being completed and the second part of the reconstruction has already begun. After the reconstruction we expect comfortable accommodation of up to 30 meditators.

The last new part of Shanta Vana will be the new meditation hall. About the construction and all reconstructions we write in a separate chapters, please see below.


The cottages are about 300m (1000') apart.


Shanta Vana on the map: here

New meditation hall

The current meditation room in the lower cottage is unsatisfactory due to it's very small capacity. We are planning to build the new meditation hall that will be used for meditation, yoga, chi kung etc. Planned capacity is approximately for 30 people.


The land for new meditation hall has already been purchased, we prepared a project and now we are dealing with the official permits. Shanta Vana is in the national park and there are strict rules for new construction. We have obtained all permits except the last from the state forests. Although the old house stood on this land (it was demolished years ago), the Forestry Office has still not issued permission for new construction.  We are preparing other variants for new meditation hall too. One possibility is to build a meditation hall at the former forestry. We are investigating this option, there are also administrative obstacles for this alternative place. We are looking for a legal solution now.

Reconstruction and work plan I - now finishing

Last and this year the first part of the reconstruction and renovation of upper cottage and former forestry took place. We are finishing the works now.


The capacity of the upper cottage has been extended, it is possible to accommodate 12 people comfortably during retreats. A guest room for teachers was built, the dark room for individual meditations was built on the ground floor and artistic terrace with shed was constructed. New bathrooms with toilets were added in the building and we solved a new water distribution. The waterlogged nasal wall was also successfully erected and secured. We also renovated the interior and equipped it. The cottage is now ready for guest accommodation. Now we are finishing last interior works. We are planning to extend the existing kitchen and adjust the surroundings of the cottage in the near future.

Last year a former forestry was purchased by Dhammadipa foundation. It is intended for accommodation meditators, aproximately 8 people during retreats. As part of this reconstruction, the interiors were renovated, a new bathroom and toilet were built, and the building was equipped. There is a need to address water scarcity. We are planning to dig a new well here. A suitable place has already been identified where we expect a stronger spring.


Photo album of work done in the first stage (in English, Chinese, Spanish):


Reconstruction and work plan II - now starting

A complete reconstruction of the lower cottage is planned. The reconstruction has already started.


The lower cottage is the residence of Bhante Dhammadipa while staying in the Czech Republic. We will completely replace the roof, build new bathrooms, toilets, new electricity and water distribution.