Online lectures in English: Kumarajiva's Meditation Manual

09.12. 2021

Many thanks to Somaiya University in Mumbai for organizing and sharing with us Venerable Dhammadipa’s online lectures “Kumarajiva’s Meditation Manual”. Venerable Dhammadipa’s lectures will resume from Wednesday, 15th September, at 6.00 pm IST. If you would like a recap of the earlier sessions, so that you have continuity, here is a link to the last lecture at Somaiya Vidyavihar University YouTube channel :

More information about lectures and the option to register are provided in the link.
Please use Chrome or Edge to view the link (the page is not displayed well in Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Venerable Dhammadipa also lecture “Kumarajiva’s Meditation Manual” in Czech language. More information about these lectures can be found in the link.