Shanta Vana 寂靜禪林

 成立宗旨 所在地點 寂靜禪林


來自捷克的性空法師立志要在歐洲弘揚佛法。因此創立了法島基金會(Dhammadipa Foundation),讓人可以在此學習修行佛法,乃至所有靈修方法。寂靜禪林(Shanta Vana)為目前剛成立的禪修中心。 2016年6月21日,法島基金會正式於捷克註冊。寂靜禪林所在地為捷克一處自然保留區,該地區有「捷克天堂」的美名。世界各地都有人前來禪林參訪。


禪林中主要的靜坐空間由兩間鄉村小屋構成。這兩間小屋具有當地風格,主要結構都是超過一百年的木造建築,目前正在翻修中。地勢較低的一間小屋,為性空法師停留捷克時所住的關房,其中有一間禪堂,最多可以容納十五人,每年固定在此舉辦禪修。地勢較高的小屋,則作為參加者的寮房,並有一間可做個人閉關的關房。這間小屋在2018年進行了一系列重建工程。The third cottage is former forestry. The house is in good condition. The cottage will be used to accommodate the meditators. The foundation also bought a smaller piece of land, it will be used for practicing meditation, yoga or chi-kung. We would like also to build a new meditation hall there because the existing meditation room in the lower cottage does not have enough capacity. The project of the meditation hall has already been elaborated, now official permits are being prepared.


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News Shanta Vana:


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28/08/2019 20:02
The first stage of the reconstruction of Shanta Vana - the upper cottage and the former forestry - was completed. Now, we have started the second...
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