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Retreat with venerable Dhammadipa at Shanta Vana (Sněhov)

14/09/2020 11:29
  Dear friends, this year's retreat with the Venerable Dhammadipa will be at Shanta Vana (Sněhov) from Friday 10.2. until Sunday 10.11. Venerable will lecture in Czech language, Due to coronavirus risks, the number of participants is limited to 15, Accommodation will be provided in...

Shanta Vana-karma yoga (9.4.-6.)

02/09/2020 19:49
  Dear firends, our group at Shanta Vana organizes a karma yoga this weekend 9.4.-6. The meeting is without a teacher. You are welcome to come and meet our group. Contact or +420 608 509 483.

Karma yoga at Shanta Vana

15/07/2020 16:22
  Dear firends, our group at Shanta Vana will have a karma yoga on the weekends listed below. The meetings are without a teacher. You are welcome to come and meet our group. Please write to for more information. 7.24.- 26. - karma yoga 8.07 - 09. - karma yoga 8.21.-...

Dear Supporters of the Dhammadipa Foundation

14/04/2020 08:06
  Dear Supporters of the Dhammadipa Foundation, allow us to thank you most sincerely for your contributions and donations, even though we know that you do not expect our thanks, that the impetus for your activities is a selfless desire to contribute to the creation...

Shanta Vana - the first stage of reconstruction is completed

28/08/2019 20:02
The first stage of the reconstruction of Shanta Vana - the upper cottage and the former forestry - was completed. Now, we have started the second stage - reconstruction of the lower cottage. Please see photos from the reconstruction at  

Shanta Vana - new building - former forestry

16/01/2019 20:00
Dear supporters, friends and students of Venerable Dhammadipa, the Dhammadipa Foundation bought third building, the former forestry cottage. The cottage is in the hill above the Bhante's cottage. The house is in good condition. It will be necessary to adjust the interior space and equip it with...
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