Proper meditation posture

Those deeply interested in mastering the proper meditation posture will certainly appreciate the following video. Our dear friend Honza Dlabal from the Sklenářka Сenter generously shares the fundamental principles of correct sitting posture. This lecture was arranged during the meditation course spontaneously, at our request. Honza also added a concise summary for us, available for download here.

The expertise behind this guidance on posture comes from yogi Dr. Jiří Čumpelík.

Everyone keen on delving deeper into the nuances of proper posture is welcome to join courses at Sklenářka or arrange for individual stay and personal consultation.

Finally, we would like to thank Ondra from Buddha Mangala for his excellent video recording work. A big thanks also goes to Zoe from Ilya Bondarenko’s group for flawlessly translating the subtitles into English and Russian.