Awakening Faith in the Mahayana

Theme: Awakening Faith in the Mahayana (Mahāyāna śraddhotpādaśāstra)
Place: Buddha Pada (, Kalimpong, India
Date: 13th – 22th Jan 2023

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Text: Mindfulness of Breathing is an extract from Asanga’s Shravakabhumi (Stages of Disciples), translated from Tibetan and Sanskrit by B. Alan Wallace. Please use this text only to supplement listening to the lectures. The text is not intended for free distribution.

We thank Buddha Pada and Br. Tenzin for their kindness and sharing these great lectures.

Retreat with Bhante Dhammadipa: The Study of Mahayana Shraddhotpada Shastra (Attributed to Ashvaghosha)

In the Mahayana tradition, one is encouraged to combine Shamatha and Vipassana even before realizing the Ultimate Reality. In the non-dual tradition, Shamatha is the base for the penetration of the non-dualistic nature of the mind. This penetration is done either on the Alaya tradition, or on the basis of the Buddha-nature tradition. Both are traced back to the teachings of the Bodhisattva Maitreya.

In this course, Bhante Dhammadipa will explore Shamatha practice from the point of view of Buddha-nature (Tathagatagarbha), explained with reference to Alaya or store-consciousness. We will discover meditation as the base for insight into the non-dual nature of mind, the mind which is pure and always present, and the application of this method in understanding not only the Zen tradition, but also Tibetan Vajrayana (Dzogchen / Mahamudra).

The Awakening of Faith in Mahayana is a text attributed to Ashwaghosha, who was clearly a Shravastivada poet and philosopher. In the Chinese tradition this text is widely studied as the philosophical foundation of the Zen tradition, and it is also related to the Pure land tradition.

Die Natur des Geistes

Theme: Das Erwachen des Vertrauens [Glaubens] im Mahayana
Place: Buddhas Weg (
Date: 31.10. – 3.11. 2022

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Aufnahmen vom Unterricht des Ehrw. Dhammadipa im “Natur des Geistes” Retreat im Kloster Buddhas Weg – Oktober / November 2022. In diesem Retreat führt uns Ehrw. Dhammadipa in die Meditation der Mahayana-Tradition ein.
Der Unterricht basiert auf dem Text “Das Erwachen des Vertrauens [Glaubens] im Mahayana” von Aśvaghoṣa – einem indisch-buddhistischen Gelehrten aus dem ersten Jahrhundert. Dieser Text hatte großen Einfluss auf die spätere Entwicklung der Zen-Tradition. Der Ehrw. Dhammadipa verwendete für seinen Unterricht eine chinesische Übersetzung des Textes des indischen Mönches Paramārtha [499-569 n.Chr.].

Thank you very much Buddha Weg for the recordings.
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Samdhinirmocana Sutra

Theme: Samdhinirmocana Sutra
Place: Somaiya Vidyavihar University (, Mumbai, India
Date: 12th – 24th Nov 2022

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Video: KJ Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies YouTube Channel

We thank Somaiya University for their kindness and sharing these great lectures.

These twelft lectures of the teachings by Bhante Dhammadipa, starting from 12th November 2022 to 24th November 2022, organized by KJ Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies, Somaiya Vidyavihar University. These teachings are based on the 6th Chapter of the Saṃdhinirmocana Sūtra, a foundational text of the Yogācāra school of Buddhism.

Bhante Dhammadipa was instrumental in developing KJ Somaiya Institute outreach project, Jetavan, at Sakarwadi, which is a wonderful collaboration with Godavari Biorefineries Ltd, Bhante Dhammadipa and the Centre for Buddhist Studies at KJSIDS.

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