Audio recordings

The recordings of the Venerable Dhammadipa’s lectures directed at all Buddhist traditions spoken in English, Chinese and other languages are the core of this site. If you have recordings or photos from the courses, please write us, we will be happy to publish it.

Buddhas Weg, 2022
Buddhas Weg, 2022
Buddhas Weg, 2022
Amitayus Kloster, 2019
Lotos Vihara, 2015
Amitayus Kloster, 2015
Konstanz, 2014
Waldhaus am Laacher See, 2014
Konstanz, 2012
Waldhaus am Laacher See, 2012
Haus der Stille, Roseburg, 2012
Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg, 2012
Metta Vihara, 2011
Konstanz, 2010
Metta Vihara, 2010
Waldhaus am Laacher See, 2010